Court: DaimlerChrysler lawsuit over atrocities in Argentina can't move forward in California

WASHINGTON – The Supreme Court won’t allow a lawsuit to move forward in California that accuses a foreign company of committing atrocities on foreign soil.

The high court on Tuesday refused to allow survivors and victims of Argentina’s “dirty war” to sue the former DaimlerChrysler Corp. of Stuttgart, Germany, for alleged abuses in Argentina in California court.

Victims who say they were kidnapped and tortured by the Argentine government in the late 1970s and relatives of those who disappeared sued in California, alleging that a subsidiary, Mercedes-Benz, was complicit in the killing, torture or kidnapping by the military of unionized auto workers.

But the court said in an opinion written by Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg that the lawsuit against the company now known as Daimler did not belong in an American court.