Comcast will build a 59-story tower in Philly, 200 feet taller than current skyscraper in city

PHILADELPHIA – Comcast Corp. will build a second and taller skyscraper in Philadelphia that will boast several three-story atriums and be topped by a blade that will push it some 200 feet higher than the media giant’s current downtown headquarters.

The company and developer Liberty Property Trust said Wednesday that the proposed $1.2 billion, 59-story building will be 1,121-feet tall and located adjacent to the 58-story Comcast Center in downtown Philadelphia that is currently the city’s tallest skyscraper.

The glass and steel building designed by architect Norman Foster will include a Four Seasons hotel and a block-long lobby that will connect with Suburban Station, a key station in the regional transit network.

Comcast Corp. is the nation’s largest cable TV provider and owns NBC Universal.