Coca-Cola says laptops stolen from Atlanta HQ held personal information of up to 74,000 people

Coca-Cola said laptop computers stolen from its Atlanta headquarters held the personal information of up to 74,000 people.

The Wall Street Journal reported the theft earlier Friday, citing a memo sent to Coca-Cola’s U.S. and Canadian employees. The personal information was mostly that of employees or former employees of Coca-Cola Co.

The company has recovered the laptops and spokeswoman Ann Moore said Coca-Cola has no indication that the information on the stolen computers was misused.

According to the Wall Street Journal, Coke is sending letters to about 18,000 people whose names and Social Security numbers were found on the laptops. The laptops also contained information on compensation, ethnicity and addresses.

Moore said that the company cannot provide further details on the thefts because there is an ongoing law enforcement investigation.