CN, Teamsters union plan meetings in wake of contract rejection by membership

MONTREAL – Canadian National Railway and union negotiators representing about 3,000 conductors, yard workers and other CN employees, are preparing to meet next week to discuss a failed contract deal.

The tentative agreement was rejected by 67 per cent of the members who voted, said Teamsters Canada Rail spokesman Stephane Lacroix, who added the union will be consulting its members.

“Our goal is to restart the negotiations to find an agreement that’s acceptable to both parties,” Lacroix said Friday.

Lacroix said a meeting has been set up for both sides to meet on Monday to get talks going again.

Canadian National (TSX:CNR) said Friday that it’s disappointed by the rejection and has agreed to discuss how to move forward.

The contract was negotiated by the Teamsters union last year and the tentative agreement was reached in October on behalf of CN’s conductors, train persons, yard persons and traffic co-ordinators.