Cellphone customers most fed up with prices, customer service, contracts: report

TORONTO – Canadian cellphone customers are fed up with perceived price gouging, lousy customer service, and onerous contract terms, according to a report released by the advocacy group OpenMedia.

The group asked consumers for their horror stories in dealing with mobile service providers and tallied the tales of 2,859 respondents.

Almost two-thirds raised issues about poor service, while one in three said they felt trapped by the terms of their contract.

Among the most common complaints were: being charged unexpected additional fees; clarity of advertised prices; clarity of and sudden changes to contract terms and conditions; and issues with roaming.

The report, entitled “Time for an Upgrade: Demanding Choice in Canada’s Cell Phone Market,” calls for more competition in the mobile market; mandating that phones be sold unlocked, so they can be used with different carriers; and more consumer-friendly contracts, rather the typical three-year agreements that come with buying a new phone at a subsidized price.


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