Burger King to start serving angry Whoppers on a red bun

TORONTO – Burger King is spicing up its menu with a new twist on the popular Whopper.

Introducing the “Angriest Whopper,” a hamburger served on a bright red bun and infused with hot sauce.

The new offering, available starting Monday, comes after the chain stoked customer interest and appetites with a Whopper served on a black bun for Halloween.

A company spokesperson conceded the success of the Halloween burger was a factor in the decision.

Last month, Restaurant Brands International (TSX:QSR), Burger King’s parent company, credited new products, including the Halloween burger, for helping it post a profit its first year after merging with Tim Hortons.

Burger King has recently introduced a spate of new products, including classic and chili cheese hot dogs in its American restaurants. Those products are to be tested at a number of Canadian locations in the coming months with the possibility of a national rollout to follow.