British prime minister says UK public unconcerned about Edward Snowden's espionage disclosures

LONDON – Prime Minister David Cameron says he believes the British public has largely shrugged off the espionage disclosures of former National Security Agency contractor Edward Snowden, telling lawmakers that people seem to be satisfied that U.K. spies were doing their jobs.

Britain’s Guardian newspaper played a critical role in bringing Snowden’s revelations to light, but the U.K. reaction has been relatively muted compared to the United States, where intelligence chiefs have repeatedly been summoned to Congress and top officials are proposing a variety of reforms to the NSA’s work.

Cameron said the U.K. public’s reaction “has not been one of: ‘Shock! Horror!’ It’s been much more: ‘Intelligence agencies carry out intelligence work. Good.'”

Cameron’s comments came as he briefed Parliament on the nation’s security strategy Thursday.