Brazil fines Volkswagen $13 million over emissions cheating scheme; orders recall

RIO DE JANEIRO – The Brazilian government says its environmental protection agency has fined Volkswagen $13 million over the German automaker’s emissions cheating scheme.

Brazil’s Ibama environmental agency also is requiring Volkswagen to present a plan for recalling vehicles sold here that contain software that turns on pollution controls during government tests and turns them off while on the road.

Thursday’s statement from the government cites Volkswagen as saying just over 17,000 vehicles containing such software were sold in Brazil. The cars affected are diesel Amarok pickup trucks from 2011 and 2012.

The government says the fine levied against Volkswagen is the maximum possible under Brazilian law.

The company is recalling some 8.5 million cars with the software across Europe. It says about 11 million cars have the software, worldwide.