Bio: Ron Unz, multimillionaire Republican calls for minimum wage increase

LOS ANGELES, Calif. – NAME — Ron Keeva Unz

AGE-BIRTHPLACE — 52, Los Angeles

EDUCATION — Harvard University, bachelor’s degree, magna cum laude, 1983, studied theoretical physics and classical history; Cambridge University, England, 1983-1984, Winston Churchill Foundation scholar, physics; Stanford University, doctoral study in physics, 1984-87.

EXPERIENCE — 1987, founded Wall Street Analytics, Inc., a financial services software company that was acquired by Moody’s Corp. in 2006; 2006-2013, publisher, The American Conservative magazine; 1999, ran briefly for U.S. Senate; 1998, spearheaded California proposition that dismantled state’s bilingual education system; 1994, challenged Gov. Pete Wilson in Republican primary election, received 34 per cent of the vote.

FAMILY — Single

QUOTE — Raising California’s minimum wage to $12 an hour “would be a gigantic economic stimulus package.”