B.C. tightens vehicle-sale regulations to protect buyers; amends Motor Dealer Act

VICTORIA – The British Columbia government is taking action to make sure consumers get what they pay for when they buy a vehicle, says the province’s public safety minister.

Mike Morris said amendments to B.C.’s Motor Dealer Act ensure vehicle wholesalers, broker agents and broker-agent representatives are licensed and regulated.

“The vehicle-sales industry has been clear about the importance of licensing wholesalers so purchasers can be assured they are getting the full vehicle history,” he said.

“We believe these are the right changes.”

There has been widespread concern among vehicle dealers that unlicensed groups aren’t legally required to disclose information such as accident records, Morris said.

This could mean consumers are buying damaged or dangerous vehicles, he added.

The changes allow the provincial authority responsible for regulating licensed dealerships and salespeople to better police vehicle sales, though Morris said the amendments don’t apply to people who sell their vehicles privately.