Anna Murray


Anna Murray, 30
Senior Adviser, Corporate Affairs, Talisman Energy

Murray is starting a new job this month, as adviser on social responsibility to the Calgarybased international oil company. But she’s hardly a newbie in this arena. Until recently manager of sustainability at Xstrata Nickel, she has also worked in China for HSBC and consulted for the UN Global Compact, a body devoted to promoting ethical global business practices.

Managing the relationship between companies and the public has been her focus ever since an exchange at UBC sparked her interest. “I challenged one of my professors by deriding big business and its eff ects on the environment and society,” she recalls. The prof pointed out that most products and services she relied on were made by large corporations. Murray, who now speaks four languages and has worked around the world, realized that she could best address her criticisms from within industry.

On career preparation: “Travel, and travel again and, once you’re done, travel some more. International exposure is one of the more professionally valuable and personally meaningful things you can do.”


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