Amid surge in NYC jail violence, new report finds most recovered weapons are homemade

NEW YORK, N.Y. – Nearly 80 per cent of the 2,100 weapons recovered in New York City jails last year were shivs and shanks made from materials scrounged in the jailhouse.

That’s’ according to a new report advocates say is at odds with the official view that smuggled razors and blades are behind a recent surge in stabbings and slashings.

But the Board of Correction report released this week stopped short of linking the violence to a specific type of weapon. It notes weapons are recovered after only 20 per cent of such attacks.

The report found deteriorating Rikers Island jail facilities are themselves a factor in the abundance of homemade weapons. Improvised weapons including old pipes, broom handles and plastic fixtures.

Jail officials have vowed to decrease the violence, which has steadily climbed since 2009.