All Nippon Airways to revise commercial following complaints over its portrayal of Westerners

TOKYO – Japan’s All Nippon Airways says it plans to revise a television commercial that drew objections over its portrayal of Caucasians.

A spokesman for ANA, Ryosei Nomura, said Monday the airline intended for the ad to encourage Japanese to be more international. But he said the carrier would change it after receiving negative comments and phone calls.

The ad pokes fun at the reserved image of Japanese as two characters discuss plans for more international flights out of Tokyo’s Haneda International Airport. But it ends with one donning a long, pointy nose and blond wig apparently meant to portray a Westerner.

Reactions on ANA’s official Facebook page ranged from bemused to offended. Nomura said the airline would take the “different opinions” into account in having the commercial changed.