Alberta to spend more to cut methane emissions by encouraging new technology

EDMONTON – Alberta plans to spend more money to cut methane emissions.

Environment Minister Shannon Phillips says another $33 million will be added to the $7 million already pledged to reduce emissions of the greenhouse gas by 45 per cent by 2025.

She says the money will go toward developing advanced technologies.

Methane comes from many sources including the production of coal, natural gas, oil, livestock and other farm practices as well as from the decay of organic waste.

The money will come from an organization created by the government called Emissions Reduction Alberta (ERA) and is to be funded by a carbon levy that heavy CO2 emitters have paid into since 2007.

ERA was formerly known as the Climate Change and Emissions Management Corporation.

The NDP government said it changed the name to better reflect its emissions reduction mandate.

“Innovation is vital to the global issue of climate change,” Phillips said Friday in a release.

“By developing the next generation of innovative and clean technology, we build a sustainable and diversified economy that attracts investment, creates jobs, expands market access and reduces greenhouse gas emissions.”

Under the program companies with methane reduction ideas can apply for up to $5 million.

Tim McMillan, president of the Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers, said Alberta’s announcement reiterates the shared commitment of government and industry to use technology to cut greenhouse gas emissions.

“The world will benefit from clean Canadian oil and natural gas,” McMillan said in a release.