Alaska town's eBay sale of Palin's mayoral vehicle causes stir

ANCHORAGE, Alaska – An Alaska community’s sale on eBay of a vehicle used by former Mayor Sarah Palin has caused a stir in small-town politics.

The city of Wasilla, just north of Anchorage, auctioned off the 1999 Expedition used by Palin during her second term as mayor on the website. A Fairbanks woman bought it for $10,300, about $8,000 over its value.

The city will use the money to replenish its vehicle replacement fund. But Deputy Mayor Colleen Sullivan-Leonard proposed using the funds to restock the local food pantry.

That proposal died Monday when Mayor Verne Rupright declined to break a 3-3 council tie.

Sullivan-Leonard says it’s unfortunate Rupright is capitalizing on Palins’ name to fatten city coffers. Rupright says it’s just good business when you can get more money than expected for surplus equipment.