Airline computer glitches and outages over the years

NEW YORK, N.Y. – Delta Air Lines is the latest airline forced to scramble following a crippling technological outage. The airline cancelled hundreds of flights and more than 1,000 were delayed worldwide following a power outage in Atlanta.

Here’s a quick rundown of other days that proved trying for both airlines and passengers.


—July 20 — Southwest Airlines had a computer router failure that forced the cancellation of about 2,000 flights and the delay of about 7,000 more flights over three days. The company suffered a similar outage in October of 2015 that delayed 800 flights.

—July 8 — United Continental grounded all of its flights worldwide for two hours, citing issues with a router. The airline had a similar issue in June.

—January 14 — JetBlue delayed flights after power was disrupted during maintenance operations at a Verizon data centre. The data centre hosts the airline’s systems, including its website, mobile app and check-in systems.


—October 29 — Alaska Airlines delayed about 20 flights because of a computer glitch. The problems impacted programs for check-in and pre-flight departure paperwork.

—September 17 — American Airlines halted flights to several major U.S. hubs for about 2 hours because of connectivity issues. The glitch prevented passengers in Dallas, Chicago and Miami from checking in for flights, and customers may have been unable to make reservations.

—August 15 — A technical failure at a flight control centre in Virginia prompted widespread flight delays and cancellations throughout the northeastern U.S.