A list of rail safety measures enacted by Transport Canada to date

OTTAWA – Transport Minister Lisa Raitt announced new rail safety measures Wednesday. Here’s a list of the new measures and some previous safety precautions ordered since the deadly derailment in Lac Megantic, Que., that killed 47 people in July 2013.

New measures:

— Transport Canada to hire 10 more safety auditors, doubling their numbers, and carry out more frequent rail safety audits. No new government spending is necessary, said Raitt.

— Standardized minimums on how many manual hand brakes must be set on individual rail cars, and a requirement to use additional physical methods to secure trains, such as permanent derails.

— New inspection campaign to verify proper classification of shipments.

— More research on crude oil properties.

— Requiring some railways, including short lines, to provide training plans to Transport Canada for review.

Previously announced:

— Requiring all DOT 111 tank cars used for flammable liquids to be reinforced by May 2017; immediate removal of some 5,000 of the highest risk tank cars from circulation.

— Set minimum of two crew members for trains carrying dangerous goods.

— Imposed speed restrictions on trains carrying dangerous goods.

— Required risk assessments for rail routes.

— Shippers required to have emergency response plans for all trains carrying flammable liquids.

— Created task force of first responders, railways, shippers and municipal leaders to look at emergency response preparations.

— More frequent inspections of petroleum product transfer sites.