A list of members and the advisory board of Canada's Ecofiscal Commission

OTTAWA – Members of Canada’s Ecofiscal Commission and members of its advisory board:

Commission members:

Chris Ragan, McGill University (chairman)

Elizabeth Beale, Atlantic Provinces Economic Council

Paul Boothe, Western University

Mel Cappe, University of Toronto

Bev Dahlby, University of Calgary

Don Drummond, Queen’s University

Stewart Elgie, University of Ottawa

Glen Hodgson, Conference Board of Canada

Paul Lanoie, HEC Montreal

Richard Lipsey, Simon Fraser University

Nancy Olewiler, Simon Fraser University

France St-Hilaire, Institute for Research in Public Policy

Advisory board members:

Dominic Barton

Jean Charest

Jim Dinning

Michael Harcourt

Bruce Lourie

Janice McKinnon

Preston Manning

Paul Martin

Jack Mintz

Peter Robinson

Bob Rae

Lorne Trottier

Sheila Watt-Cloutier

Steve Williams