Bulls--t Buzzword Bingo

The Corporate Jargon Bingo Challenge That’s Fun for the Whole Office!


Have your learnings really been pushing the envelope lately? For the Canadian Business Bulls--t Issue, we decided to call out the misguided notions, boneheaded beliefs and even downright lies that steer smart companies off course. We also assembled a list of the business world’s most overused clichés, buzzwords and empty jargon. Pull out this handy Bulls--t Buzzword Bingo app in your next interminable conference call or meeting and see if you can win optimize your KPIs!

Directions: Every card is randomly generated (refresh the page if you want a new one). Click or tap any square to claim it (do it again if you jumped the gun). Get five squares in a row — vertical, horizontal, or diagonal — to win. Remember, it’s best practice to cascade this to your direct reports!

Winner! Play Again