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Women Make Far Less than Men

According to tax return statistics for 2006 issued by the Canada Revenue Agency, women in this country make an average of 39.5% less than men. This ranges from 18.3% less for women under 20 to 49.3% for women aged 60 to 64. Provincial numbers show a larger range. The smallest difference was in Nova Scotia where women under 20 made 8.7% less than men of the same age. The largest discrepancy was in Alberta where women aged 60 to 64 made 62.1% less than men in the same age range. In every one of the 13 age groups in the country and 10 provinces, men had a higher average income than women.
If you are interested in knowing the percentage differences for the 154 lines that cover all age groups and totals for Canada and the 10 provinces, drop me an email at and I’ll be happy to send you the Excel spreadsheet.
In the meantime, the table below shows the overall average federal and provincial differences.

Canada (39.53)
Nfld (38.38)
PEI (27.31)
Nova Scotia (35.40)
N.B. (36.54)
Quebec (37.01)
Ontario (38.64)
Manitoba (32.73)
Saskatchewan (36.07)
Alberta (50.35)
B.C. (38.24)