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Winners & Losers: Apple makes BlackBerry Jam and Airbnb is the butt of jokes

A chilling look into the Internet’s Freudian subconscious

 Apple & IBM

Think different, but, like, with spreadsheets

Apple + IBM
BlackBerry’s recovery was going so well, but now Apple has gone and ruined it — again. Apple announced a new partnership this week with IBM to target corporate mobile users. The two companies are promising to create more than 100 business apps for iPhones and iPads, and IBM’s huge enterprise sales force will sell Apple devices to its business clients. The deal is most beneficial for Apple. Business people already use iPhones and iPads, of course, but Apple is primarily a consumer company that hasn’t thought too much about the needs of corporations. The partnership means that IBM—which knows a thing or two about enterprise services—will ensure Apple devices are secure enough for corporate use, and easy enough for IT departments to manage. Apple has essentially opened up a new market for itself—and that market is BlackBerry’s. But the Canadian smartphone maker is assuring everyone it’s no big deal that the company that crushed it once is trying to do so again. After all, BlackBerry is pushing the boundaries of design with its upcoming smartphone, the Passport. It won’t be rectangular like other smartphones. It’s square.


We like big logos and we cannot lie

Censored airbnb logo

Airbnb, the mostly legal Internet startup that lets you pay to sleep in strangers’ guest rooms, unveiled a new logo this week that the company says is inspired by its diverse community. But others think the logo seems to be inspired by, well, something else. Twitter users have ridiculed the logo for what they say is its resemblance to genitalia, both male and female. Or, you know, a butt. If you don’t believe us, just search Twitter for Airbnb to get a glimpse into the Freudian subconscious of the Internet. (Actually, maybe you’d better not.) Some branding experts have suggested the point of a logo is to generate attention for a company, and on that front, Airbnb’s new look has been phenomenally successful. But somehow we don’t think this is the kind of attention the company was hoping for.