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Winners & Losers: Netflix rakes in the noms, Brazil loses its swagger

Traditional giants put to the sword on and off the pitch


Awards for everyone

An Emmy award with the cast of Orange is the New Black

We realize that big televised awards shows are supposed to be devoted to beautiful people winning shiny objects, but more and more the web geeks are muscling in on the red carpet. Netflix has made a multimillion dollar bet on original content to lure more subscribers, and Thursday’s announcement that it earned 31 nominations for the 2014 Primetime Emmy Awards is a sign that the strategy is paying off. That’s more than double what it scored last year. Political thriller House of Cards racked up 13 noms, while prison comedy/drama Orange is the New Black got 12. While traditional television networks are worried about people cancelling their subscriptions, the online streaming service announced plans earlier this year to raise US$400 million, some of which will be used to fund even more original programming. Not every Netflix series has been a hit, though, with critics panning the supernatural series Hemlock Grove. But to be fair, the werewolf genre reached its apex in 1987 with Teen Wolf Too.


Field(s) of broken dreams

A crying Brazilian soccer player

Brazilians—at least those who have stopped crying—might be asking themselves one question: Was it worth it? The country spent more than $11 billion to host this year’s World Cup, only to be trounced by Germany in the semi-finals with a humiliating 7-1 loss. Brazil’s massive investment to prepare for the event drew criticism from some—even legendary homegrown soccer star Pele—who argued that spending money on stadium construction just wasn’t as important as, say, investing health care, education and infrastructure. A better showing at the World Cup would have (temporarily) drowned out these naysayers, but now the bill has come due and the country still has to deal with sluggish economic growth and high inflation. Offering some words of comfort, the Brazilian president said the ability to overcome defeat is the “hallmark” of a “great nation.” Brazil had better recover quickly: It’s also hosting the 2016 Olympics.​