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Winners & Losers: Yahoo! builds “Community,” Facebook makes us sad

Marissa Mayer to Greendale’s rescue



Marissa Mayer adding the Yahoo Y to end of the Community Logo

It wasn’t too long ago that Yahoo looked like a failure, the Beta cassette that had lost to Google’s VHS. But since CEO Marissa Mayer took over two years ago, Yahoo! has worked hard to make investors want to yodel for joy again. Not only had Mayer bought a string of tech startups, but she’s signed high-profile deals with folks like Katie Couric to produce original content. This week, Mayer did it again, striking a deal to revive the sitcom “Community” on Yahoo’s video streaming site. The cult show was cancelled after five seasons by NBC, but was particularly popular with young people and hipsters—a small but mighty demographic. Inspired by a line from the show, they wished for “six seasons and a movie” on Twitter. Half of it is now coming true—making Twitter into the court of final appeal for TV nerds.


It’s complicated

Dawson crying in ur nooz feed

You know that ex-boyfriend who you’re absolutely sure is posting things on Facebook to mess with your emotions? Well, it turns out that Facebook is just like that ex-boyfriend. The social media site apologized this week for participating in an experiment where it manipulated the feeds of nearly 700,000 users. The test, conducted with two American universities, attempted to determine whether Facebook users could be made to feel happier or sadder by altering the amount of positive and negative news in their feeds. Company executive Sheryl Sandberg apologized, saying Facebook “never meant to upset” consumers. Apparently, Sandberg doesn’t consider “upset” and “sad” to be the same emotion.