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Winners & Losers: Sriracha gets a reprieve and McDonald’s debuts nightmare mascot

The McTerror™ Meal may yet catch on

 Huy Fong Foods

Hot sauce hoarders can breathe a sigh of relief

Sriracha factory belching red smoke

This company makes Sriracha hot sauce, the preferred condiment of people who enjoy pain, and famous for its green-capped bottles and angry rooster logo. Based in Irwindale, California, the firm was facing legal action from their local city council, who claimed the factory filled the air with spicy odours, causing a burning sensation in residents’ eyes and throats. News of a possible disruption in Sriracha supply terrified the sauce’s devotees around the world, who bought 20 million bottles of the stuff last year. Apparently, a burning sensation is very popular when you sell it—it’s just a bad idea to give it away for free. But the suit was dropped this week after a series of meetings between Huy Fong and city officials. The company has installed stronger filters at its plant in preparation for chili-grinding season this August. Or, as locals used to call it, “Oh, the pain! My eyes! My eyes!” season.


Grimace never looked at us like this

The fast food giant revealed a new mascot this week that was designed to delight children—but it seemed destined to give them nightmares instead. The character was a Happy Meal box named “Happy,” who had arms, legs and a giant, toothy mouth. Early reviews on social media described him as “scary,” a “mistake,” and “terrifying.” And, it’s true—he looks like a Happy Meal that mutated and started seeking vengeance against McDonalds’ customers. But the restaurant chain seems to be sticking with him, sending out a picture of him later in the week with a simple caption: “Tough crowd.”