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Winners & Losers: Oscar Mayer’s wiener mixup and Count Chocula on trial


My hot dog had a first name, but now I’m not so sure

Wieners in disguise

Few meat-related disasters in recent memory have gone as well as the one that faced Kraft this month. The food giant voluntarily recalled 96,000 pounds of Oscar Mayer cheese dogs that were mispackaged as classic wieners. Apparently, the cheese dogs contain actual milk-based cheese—a shock to anyone familiar with Kraft Cheez Wiz. Given the sizable portion of the public with an intolerant attitude toward dairy, Kraft chose to make the recall in the name of consumer interest. No allergic reactions were reported, and unlike other recent meat recalls, neither type of hot dog was shown to contain horse, mule, donkey, pony, unicorn, or any other four-legged animal that wasn’t listed on the label. That’s what Jell-O’s for.

 General Mills

You Like us, you really Like us… and you’re legally obligated to continue doing so

Count Chocula on trial

Someone must have stolen the food giant’s Lucky Charms. The home of the Poppin’ Fresh and the Jolly Green Giant recently added a notice to its website stating that consumers would forfeit their right to sue the company if they Liked its Facebook page. The company even suggested that simply buying its products constituted a show of blind loyalty. Mouse in your Yoplait? It’s informal arbitration for you! Public outcry forced the company to backtrack on its new policy the following week, but it was too late to stop it from looking as a silly as the Trix rabbit.