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Who's Responsible for Responsibility

I came across a good article this morning from CRO called “Who’s Responsible for Responsibility.

It’s written by Chris Park from Deloitte Consulting and here’s an excerpt:

Who should be in charge?Developing a CR and sustainability strategy, priorities and goals takes someone who not only is knowledgeable about the impact of the issues on company performance, but also has the presence to influence the companys strategic planning. This usually means getting in front of the C-suite and board of directors, which translates into a person who, if not a C-executive already, directly reports to one.

Should there be a CR and sustainability committee?A CR and sustainability committee can play the important role of an upward and downward advocate: to help CR, sustainability and corporate leaders understand what initiatives make sense for different parts of the business, and to help spread the word and encourage appropriate behavior within the company.

Who should sit on the committee?The answer here really depends on who in the company is positioned to influence its major moving parts. If your company is organized mainly by function, youll probably want representatives from each function on the committee; if by business unit or process group, youll want representatives from each unit. A matrix organization might call for representatives from the matrixs most important cells.