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Wheat Thins cash in on classic Family Guy joke

New commercial makes creative use of Brian and Stewie's infamous Cool Whip argument.

The first question here is, for the love of Quahog, what took you so long? The Family Guy episode “Barely Legal” ran in 2006, in which Stewie and Brian engage in a debate on the over-emphasis of H in the pronunciation of Cool Whip. The next year, Andy Samberg used the same gag to similar effect with “whiskey” in his under-rated flick Hot Rod (And it is under-rated. Cool beans.). So here we are more than five years after the original joke. And you know what? As much as I hate to admit it, it still works. My dad, who wouldn’t know Family Guy from Family Ties, was laughing about this ad the other night. Better late than never.

It’s not clear why Kraft, owner of Nabisco, maker of Wheat Thins, didn’t just use this to promote Cool Whip, but we clearly don’t understand all the differences between the somewhat-healthy cracker market versus the dairy-based dessert topping demographic. Probably a good thing Brian doesn’t yell out “You’re eating hair!” at the end of this one, though.

Either way, bravo to New York agency Being for getting this done.