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What's Your Social Strategy?

Over the last few months, the CSR people I’ve been speaking with in corproations have acknowledged that the environment, while fundamentally important, has lost it’s place as a significant differentiator. It’s now simply expected that corproations will be doing everything they can to minimize their environmental impact – with some sectors needing to place a higher priority in this area than others.
Now, business people have recognized that it’s the social dimension of corporations that needs to be understood and amplified. Here’s how to develop a social strategy for your corporation:
1. Understand what social/community issues are most important to your employees
2. Dig deep into your corporations history and values to find the social/community dimensions that be reflect your company’s character
3. Find out what your competitors are doing – to avoid duplication and identify untapped areas of opportunity.
4. Find out what social/community issues are most important to your external stakeholders (including, as appropriate, investors, consumers, customers, and local communities)
Imagine a venn diagram with each of the four points above as one of the circles. The sweet spot at the centre will be the focus of your social strategy.
The more difficult part is developing a program to bring the strategy to life. Who will your non-profit partners be? How will you communicate your corporation’s social purpose? How will your social strategy dovetail with your business strategy? How will you measure success?