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What’s new in the investing landscape?

As the number of exchange-traded funds (ETFs) multiplied in the U.S., so did the number of financial firms and blogs specializing in ETFs. The same thing seems to be happening in Canada. Here are some of the start-ups:
1. The Canadian Couch Potato blogby Dan Bortolotti, an author and professional journalist who contributes to MoneySense and Financial Post Magazine. He knows a fair bit about passive investing having written a number of extensive articles on the Couch Potato approach to investing.
2. The ETF boutique of Pur Investing, headed by Mark Yamada. He has much experience in the investment industry including stints as an analyst, portfolio manager and chief investment officer for Manulife Financial and Sun Life Investment. The PUR Investing website has some interesting tools, particularly the ETF screener.
3. Another ETF boutique is archerETF Portfolio Management, headed by Vikash Jain. He managed institutional portfolios for Northwater Capital for five years, among other things. He also writes a blog about ETFs on his website.
It appears a critical mass is starting to build in the Canadian ETF space. As blogs and ETF advisories spread awareness and knowledge of ETFs, it wouldnt be surprising to see a major tipping point in the use ofthese instruments by Canadian investors.