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What is a FCSI?

Q: What is a Fellow of the Canadian Securities Institute?
A: The term, often abbreviated to FCSI, is a designation for finance professionals who have met the highest standards for education, ethics and experience. It indicates they have obtained one of the following designations through courses offered by the Canadian Securities Institute (CSI):
Canadian Investment Manager (CIM) Financial Management Advisor (FMA) Derivatives Market Specialist (DMS)
As well, they will have passed one of the following CSI courses:
Conduct and Practices Handbook (CPH) Branch Managers Course (BMC) Partners, Directors and Officers Course (PDO)
And there are more requirements:
an additional CSI course of the persons choice (as long as it has a proctored exam at an approved CSI exam centre) completion of the CSI Ethics Module and Case Study program or attendance at one of the two CSI Ethics seminars at least five years financial services experience during the last eight years endorsement letters from immediate supervisor and a practicing FCSI
There are more than 5,000 persons in Canada with the FCSI credential. A directory is available on the FCSI website. Perhapsit could be useful when looking for an advisor in the fields of investment advice, portfolio management, insurance and estate planning?