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What does Iggy stand for?

Back at work after a week off and just in time too the Liberal conventionstarts Thursday in Vancouver.
It was supposed to be a no-holds barred battle between former roomies Bob Rae and Michael Ignatieff, but since Iggy was anointed saviour of the party back in December, this will likely be one uneventful weekend. It would be nice if we could find out something about his economic platform during three day convention, but after the Liberal leader got in some trouble when he said(and later “clarified”) that he’d raise taxes if he were elected, it’s unlikely any big policy pronouncements will be made.
I’m going to write a story on Iggy’s economic background this week, to get an idea of what he might say when an election is called, but until then, the Economist wrote a decent piece on his platform, or lack thereof, a few days ago.

From the Economist: Mr Ignatieffs message has been vague and general that the Liberals believe in an activist federal government with a national vision whereas the Conservatives do not.