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What a Difference a Quarter Makes

We recently assembled the Canadian Business Investor 500 dated June 30, 2009. This list contains the largest 500 companies on Canadian exchanges by market capitalization which are then ranked by one year return. In the three months since the 500 was published in Canadian Business magazine, the market has shown quite an improvement. The average one-year share loss is now 23.7% compared with a loss of 32.8% at the end of March. Average market capital rose over $400,000,000 to $2,711,000,000. The lowest market cap on the list climbed more than 24% to $117,000,000 from $94,000,000. A total of 86 companies has flat or positive one-year returns for the year ended June 30 compared to 52 companies at the end of March.
You can still get the March Investor 500 withabout 20 data tables and lots of good investment adviceon newsstands.
If you would like a bare bones version of the June 30, 2009 version, email me at’ll send you an excel table with 500 companies and their one and five-year share returns, market capitalization, revenue, dividend yield and industry.