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Welcome to my CSR blog

Im happy to write this first post about corporate responsibility on Canadian Business Online. That Canadian Business Online recognizes corporate responsibility is now important enough to merit its own blog on their site is a clear indication of its business value.
My intention with this blog is to help readers understand the business case for corporate responsibility and to provide practical information to help improve implementation, performance and evaluation. Ill be focusing on a number of fundamental questions including:

  • What are best ways to understand and address the priorities of stakeholders including employees, shareholders, local communities, regulators, media, and non-governmental organizations?
  • How can corporate responsibility be better integrated and embedded throughout corporations?
  • How can corporations improve measurement, reporting, and communication of economic, environmental, and social performance?
  • How can corporate responsibility managers demonstrate the business value of their programs as needed to garner more internal support/resources?
  • How can corporations communicate their corporate responsibility initiatives in a way that has impact and is seen to be genuine?

I welcome readers to suggest more questions for inquiry, provide feedback (pro and con), and share stories and best practices. Just send me an emailat
Ill leave this first post by providing a link to a valuable new survey conducted by Grant Thornton of 500 business executives in the U.S. It revealed 77 percent expected corporate responsibility initiatives to have a major impact on their business strategies over the next several years. ( Download a summary of the survey results in pdf form here.)
Corporate responsibility is becoming integral to business strategy.