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Weekly roundup of blogs

Netflix came to Canada last week. Canadian Capitalist saidhe was tempted to sign up butwould like to see more selection. Riscario signed upon the first day and reported on his experienceusing the service. There were many other interesting posts over the past week, especially on managing investments and saving money.
Michael Jamesdefends the all-stock portfolio.
Canadian Couch Potatoprints a hilarious story from a reader about TD e-funds.
Andrew Hallamshreds hedge fund returns (have huge survivorship bias).
Number Crunchertallies up the progress of the Greenblatt portfolio in Canada.
Dividend Dollarlays out a one-step plan to save 75% of electricity costs.
Balance Junkiereviews investment strategies for biflation.
BigCajunmanreflects ontaking risks.
Tiny Potatolists financial products that he is surprised people still buy.
Boomer & Echoditched his landline phone.
InvestingThesis.cominterviews Jeff Pierce, who uses Zen to trade stocks for a living
youngandthrifty.cawarns about transferring US dollars into a Questrade RRSP
Passive Income Earneruses BNN and to keep tabs on stocks.
WealthWebGurus.comasks if you should take CPP early under the new rules.
Canadian Financial DIYdiscovers some caveats to index investing.
Financial Highwaytalks about something that needs to be talked about more – affinity fraud.
Canadian Dreamnicely sums up various ways to finance your retirement years.
In Search of Saltdiscusses barter groups as a way to cut costs.
Money Smartsgives reasons for not reinvesting dividends in the same stock.
Loonie Binnot rushing to reinvest dividends.
Lior Hershkovitzcan tell you what to look for in variable-rate mortgages.
Preetlikes BetaPros ultra cheap ETF tracking the S&P/TSX 60.
Financial Thinkingadvocates little or no leverage when investing.
Invest it Wiselytakes an informative look at China.
Tracking Errorsfinds the equity premium is contingent on time, place and methodology.
Financial Uproarsummarizes the pros and cons of holding a mortgage in an RRSP.
Todays Economy Blogdraws attention to scarcity of work for young job seekers.
FPTradingDeskhighlights analyst upgrade of telecoms (low-interest rates are favourable)