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Weekly Roundup of Blogs

In this weeks roundup of Canadian financial blogs we bash the gold bugs, survey brokers price wars, forecast that dividends will be the in thing next year, and get to see whats in a bloggers wallet. Id show you whats in mine but itd take half an hour to repack it.
Andrew Hallamupdates his investment clubs market-beating portfolio.
Balance JunkiedefendsGIC and cash portfolios
BigCajunmanurges negotiating everything at the banks
Boomer & Echoasks if this rule of thumb applies anymore in housing market
Canadian Capitalistcomments on the price war between online brokers.
Canadian Couch Potatogives us Rick Ferris critique of gold
Canadian Financial DIYargues there is a pension shortfall
Canadian Finance Blogprovides tips to avoid running out of retirement money
Divestorreassesses his strategy for rapidly compounding TFSA returns.
Dividend Dollargives his niece some nice coupons
Dividend Guypredicts dividends will be the investment trend of 2011
InvestingThesis.cominterviews Mr. ETF, Howard Atkinson
Invest it Wiselyreviews a must-read for everybody: Economics in One Lesson
Loonie Bintells financial tales of terror
Million Dollar Journeyreveals what’s in his wallet
Michael Jamesavoiding gold.
Money Smartsis basking in the spotlight these days.
My Own Advisordiscusses asset location
Thicken My Walletsees home bias as more of a problem for investors in small countries.
WhereDoesAllMyMoneyGocontributes to the fundamental vs. market-cap index debate __________________________________________________________________________________________