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Weekly roundup of blogs

Its time for another weekly update on the Canadian financial blogosphere. Topics on tap include: the emotions of investing, a case study in stock picking (Resverlogix), alternatives to expanding CPP, defence stocks as hedges, the January effect, active asset allocation with ETFs and a new book on Canadian swindlers.
Andrew Hallamsuggests wintering in Indonesia, where houses rent for as little as $250/year.
Balance Junkiecelebrates her first blog anniversary
Big Cajun Manrants about cell phone fees
Blunt Bean Countertells the cautionary tale of his Resverlogix investment
Boomer & Echoasks whats happening to the service industry
Canadian Capitalistinterviews Meir Statman on the emotions in investing
Canadian Couch Potatodoesnt want to see any more investment success stories
Canadian Finance Bloglooks at alternatives to enhancing the CPP
Divestorrecommends U.S. defense stock as hedge against geopolitical risks
Howtoinvestonline.comexamines the January effect in stock markets
InvestingThesis.cominterviews a money manager who does active asset allocation with ETFs
Invest it Wiselydescribes three unconventional investment moves for 2011
LandLord Rescuereveals its hard to rent apartments in December
Million Dollar Journeypays off his mortgage in three years.
Michael Jamesanalyzes tougher entry requirements for financial advisors
Money Smartsreviews the mechanics of transferring to another RRSP account
Number Cruncherrecommends screening for the bank stock with the highest dividend yield
Righteous Investorspeaks out about the gold Ponzi scheme
Susan Brunnersounds off about annoying telephone solicitors
SteadyHandpraises non-benchmarking money manager Prem Watsa
WealthWebGurus.comreviews Steadyhand co-founder Tom Bradleys book
Wealthy Boomerpreviews Swindlers, Al Rosens book on Canadian cons and cheats
Wellington Financialposts on the$111 billion (U.S.) bailout of Canadian banks