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Weekly round-up of financial blogs

Canadian Capitalisthas a post on recent proposals to change the CPP, which generated much discourse.
Million Dollar Journeyreaders also have a discussion going on about hiking CPP premiums.
Jeff Rubins Smaller Worldblog is not optimistic much will come out of G20, and with so many national agendas out of sync, todays unbalanced global economy will become even more so.
FP Trading Deskreports BCA Research analyst Chen Zhao doesnt expect a double-dip recession because central bank buying of toxic assets has stabilized banking systems, while the European Central Banks commitment to buy sovereign debt has greatly reduced the risk of a major policy blunder and therefore lends support to risky assets over time.
Canadian Couch Potatois warming up to the BMO Equal Weight REITs Index ETF (ZRE), which uses equal weighting and has more REITs than its market-cap weighted iShares counterpart.
Balance Junkiereviews the forecasts of Research Affiliates Rod Arnott, who says the financial crisis is not over if off-balance sheet liabilities, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, and state/local governments debt are included, U.S. government debt is at 140% of GDP, worse than Greeces ratio. First a recession, then inflation.
Steadyhanddeserves kudos for rejecting a prevalent practice in the financial industry — a referral program that pays money to people who refer customers to them.
Frances Horodelskilooks at what Chinas decision to revalue the yuan could mean if the appreciation is significant for one thing, the end of cheap prices for North American consumers at Wal-Mart and the dollar stores (and possibly a higher inflation rates)
Riscario Insiderhas a must read for people thinking ofvisiting India.
Shocked Investorwarns U.S. municipal bond ETFs are about to implode with many U.S. cities and states on the verge of bankruptcy.
Preetadds radio show to blog. Whats next? Why, of course, a wiki on Canadian personal finance(just starting).
SRI Monitor bloghad extensive coverage of the Canadian Responsible Investment Conference, held mid-June.
Thicken My Walletasks if Apples stock has peaked with so much competition emerging in the smartphone category.
Wellington Financialis on Day 11 of a hunger strike.