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Weekly blog update

Its back-to-school week. Canadian Personal Financehas aseries on hisexperience with withdrawing funds from his daughters’ RESP. For most of the other bloggers in this weeks round-up, its business as usual.
FP Trading Desksees low bond yields pushing investors into dividend stocks.
Canadian Capitalistasks if investment advisors add value.
In Search of Saltposts on an overlooked vehicle, strip bonds
Preetuncovers a tool for searching advisors backgrounds.
Money Smartsannounces some big changes.
Canadian DIYdiscovers a little-known anomaly in the iShares S&P TSX 60 Index ETF.
My Own Advisordiscusses foreign diversification and his home bias.
Shocked Investornotes contango on natural gas futures has declined.
Canadian Couch Potatoexplains why every portfolio needs bonds.
Canadian Finance Bloglooks at setting up in-trust accounts for grandchildren.
Financial Highwaylists credit card fees that get around regulations.
Balance Junkieexamines whether or not the Fed will save the day.
Michael Jameslooks at how asset correlations vary with length of time period.
Wealth Stewardfinds ironic comfort in balanced funds.
Canadian Dreamwonders if early retirement may need to be delayed for parents sake.
Todays Economy bloghas a great piece on annuities.