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Weekly blog roundup

Riscario managed to make a post on life insurance a pleasure to read. He told a story. It was about pretty actress Leslie Bibbs (starred in Iron Man) and how she was rescued in real life. Her father died in a car crash when she was three but his life insurance policy kept Leslie and her family from becoming destitute. The pictures of Leslie in the postdidnt hurt either. The rest of the posts in this weeks roundup come without similar visual appeal but did nevertheless provide food for thought.
Jonathan Chevreauchecks out a grim retirement book for boomers.
SteadyHandoffers a counterpoint to the negative news flow.
Canadian Capitalist(and II) not rushing to buy Betapros cheap ETF.
Wealth Stewardasks if BetaPros cheap ETF worth the risk.
Canadian Couch Potatoproposes an ETF portfolio mimicking DFA Funds.
In Search of Saltpoints out scholarships sometimes dont require great grades.
Michael Jamesdoubts robot traders will stabilize markets.
BigCajunmanextends his rant on withdrawing RESP funds.
Million Dollar Journeyreviews the newest online broker, Virtual Brokers
Canadian Finance Blogdiscusses importinga car from the U.S.
SBrunnerwary of CCL Industries — insiders have more stock options than shares.
Financial Highwayhas a guest post froma CRA official on how to handle an audit.
Canadian Dreamhas a guest post from a teacher who wants to retire early.
Money Smartsprovides tips on judging the value of a house renovation.
My Own Advisorglad he bought RioCan in February.
Thicken My Walletissues a caution about financial-product innovation.
Andrew Hallamvisits China and sees evidence of wealth disparities becoming divisive.
LandLord Rescueknows how to get rid of bed bugs.
Financial Uproarlive blogs Benj Gallander on BNNs Market Call.
FPTradingDeskhighlights a strategists call: high-beta cyclicals with cash flow.
OptimisticAmateurbelieves Dogs-of-the-TSX is better than Dogs-of-the-Dow.
Howtoinvestonline.comcompares 3 China ETFs.
A Loonie Saveddoesnt think divorce insurance is real insurance.
Think Dividendsprefers 100% allocation to dividend stocks to cover inflation risk.
Looney Binreveals why he chose dividend-stock investing.
Mark McQueenprotests CPPs poor disclosure on private-equity holdings.
Number Cruncherlists TSX companies with highest returns on equity