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Weekly blog roundup

Thicken My Wallet is back out golfingafter a hiatus, which perhaps explainsthe metaphor in his post on why passive investing isnt a magic golf clubif you dont have the right swing. Other posts in this weeks blog roundup follow.
Bill Manns Canadablog reports Paul Krugman warns Canadians not to get too smug.
Canadian Capitalistpans a report from the Investment Funds Institute of Canada.
Divestortalks about the convenience and pricing advantage of exchange-traded bonds (called trust preferreds) and the story behind one of his trades.
Preetcomes across a commodity ETF that claims to avoid the problems associated with contango and front running.
Michael Jamesreviews Moshe Milevskys Money Milestones and applauds his thought-provoking propositions although he does not agree with everything put forward.
Wealth Stewardfinds more evidence that Canadian funds are not the worlds most expensive.
Money Smartblog offers 8 tips on withdrawing RESP money.
Squawk Foxprovides back-to-school shopping tips.
Number Cruncherdiscourses on the dividend payback period.
Canadian Personal Financelists snake mitten ideas in finance.
Andrew Hallambelongs to an investment club with quite a track record.
My Own Advisorgives us some of his favourite investment quotes.
Invest it Wiselypacks in somenuggets into his extensive week-end reading list.
Wealthy Boomerreviews an article that looks at what could happen if retiring boomers sell their stocks and houses and live off pension plans supported by a shrinking base of workers.
Worthwhile Canadian Initiativewonders why the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation is getting into online gambling.