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Weekly blog roundup

I like to read about what other people are doing in their portfolios and I got a good dose this week with several bloggers discussing the state of their portfolios.Other points of interest: parking RRSP cash, cheaper alternatives to cable, the surprising thing about identity fraud, and bonds that pay lottery tickets. This week, by the way, I made a change in the roundup to listing blogs alphabetically.
Andrew Hallamhas rebalanced away from bonds to stocks.
Balance Junkieshifts away from savings accounts to a GIC ladder
Big Cajun Manwonders when to start kids in savings programs
Boomer & Echotalks about the impact of inflation on consumption in retirement
Canadian Capitalistreviews 10 Things I Wish Someone Had told me about Retirement
Canadian Couch Potatolooks at places to park cash in RRSP brokerage accounts
Canadian Finance Blogidentifies less costly options to cable TV
Divestorwarns casual option investors are fighting very good mathematical models
Financial Highwaycautions nearly half of identity theft is committed by friends or family
Financial Thinkingtalks about decentralizing your portfolio management
Howtoinvestonline.comwarns about effect of interest rates on valuation measures
Inv estingThesis.comhas a piece about asset allocation when interest rates are rising
Invest it Wiselyhas another great roundup
Loonie Binupdates his list of dividend stocks with appealing yields.
Million Dollar Journeyposts on four retirement mistakes
Michael Jamesexpresses pessimism about mutual-fund disclosure
Money Smartsnot impressed with new tool for finding lower costs on investments
My Own Advisortells the story of Grace Groner and her 1935 investment
Preet Banerjeeasks if you should be your own mortgage lender
Susan Brunnerprovides a quarterly update on her dividend portfolio
Th icken My Walletlooks at impact of new accounting rule on insurance companies
Todays Economy Blogexplains why French pension protests matter
WealthWebGurus.comshows how to protect $750,000 with CDIC coverage
Worthwhile Canadian Initiativefinds UK bonds paying lottery tickets vs. interest