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Weekly blog roundup

Its the last week before my two kids (5 and 7 years old) return to grade school. Im not like the guy in the The most beautiful time of the year commercial. Im going to miss not having them around. Oh well, theres work to be done like this weeks blog roundup.
IndependentInvestor.infotakes a look at the Vanguard group of ETFs.
Canadian Finance Bloglinks to a compendium of articles on CPP.
Money Smartsreveals how to get more comments on blog posts.
Todays Economy Blogwarns of unaffordable healthcare expenses in retirement.
Canadian Dreamgot burned on an investment and it didnt even bother him.
Invest it Wiselyhas a prescription for foggy head syndrome.
Canadian Capitalistoffers a free ACB and capital gains tracker.
Canadian Personal Financeimparts back-to-school advice from his father.
Michael James on Moneyexamines realistic and unrealistic savings rates.
Think Dividendslooks at dividends versus bond income.
Canadian Financial DIYanalyzesimpact of takeovers on fundamental & market-cap indexes.
Canadian Couch Potatoexplains why he chose the iShares and Claymore dividend ETFs.
Thicken My Walletmuses on a societal shift toward renting vs. buying a house.
Balance Junkiereviews the elements on the deflation table.
Financial Highwayposts on working at what pays well vs. what you love doing.
My Own Advisorasks if all the different kinds of insurance are needed.
Andrew Hallamdescribes some of the benefits of working overseas, like no taxes!
Wealth Stewardsuggests investing in what makes you squirm.
Preetinterviews the finance Secretary General of Luxemburg, a tiny country with the second largest investment fund industry in the world, apparently.