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Weekly blog roundup

Andrew Hallam compares the balanced mutual funds offered by chartered banks to an ETF portfolio with a similar balance over stocks and bonds. Andrew finds the balanced funds lag significantlyin terms of performance, thanks in large part to their MERs averaging about 2.45% a year. Other topics in this weeks roundup include currency wars, old exercise bikes, Sleepy Portfolios and rat races.
Balance Junkieaudits her finances.
BeatingTheIndex.comdiscusses currency wars.
Big Cajun Manrecommends buying a usedexercise bike.
Brian Borzykowskiexamines ways to capitalize on a high Canadian dollar
Canadian Capitalistupdates the Sleepy Portfolio.
Canadian Couch Potatolooks at high-yield bonds.
Invest it Wiselyexplores what you need to exit the rat race.
InvestingThesis.cominterviews a real-estate lawyer about building permits.
Michael Jamessounds off on negative option billing at universities.
Money Smartsreviews Pensionize Your Nest Egg
My Own Advisorplans a move.
In Search of Saltasks if Canadians understand their car mileage.