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Weekly blog roundup

Beware of imploding life insurance policies, warns an insightful post on Million Dollar Journey. Universal life insurance policy holders face dramatic increases in their premiums due to the stock market crash in 2008. There are a few more revelations in this weeks roundup of financial blogs, along with the customary fare.
Canadian Capitalistviews the MacKenzie report on fund fees asdeeply flawed.
Canadian Couch Potatoalso gives thumbs down onthe MacKenzie report.
TheUnbiasedPortfolioattacksfinancial bloggers.
Investment Talk with SBrunnercomments on the attackon financial bloggers.
Michael Jamesserves up another reason to trade less.
BigCajunmanlists some things men do.
Balance Junkiesees a growing aversion to stocks.
Canadian Finance Blogposts on buying a vacation property in the U.S.
Canadian Financial DIYlooks at the bubble in the financial sector.
Financial Highwaysays stop pretending youre rich.
Canadian Dreamquestions the sustainability of government retirement programs.
Divestorsurgically dissects Clearwater Seafoods.
In Search of Saltspictures ofrice-paddy art in Japan must be seen.
IndependentInvestor.infopresents the 13 costs of mutual funds.
Money Smartshas an illuminating post about the real rate of investment return.
Financial Insight by Lior Hershkovitzcautions about higher mortgage penalties.
My Own Advisorsets up his own automatic savings plan.
The Financial Bloggersuggests some ways to ward off a decline in bond prices.
Thicken My Walletsurveys overlooked tax savings.
Preetlands another gig in the personal-finance realm.
Andrew Hallamtalks about investors ignoring the crowd.
Financial Thinkinginveighs against use of volatility as a measure of investment risk.
Invest it Wiselycelebrates his first 6 months with giveaways.
Jonathan Chevreaureports TD Waterhouse has online global trading in 10 countries.
Wealth Stewardchallenges the gold bulls.