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Weekly blog roundup

Leading off this weeks roundup of blogs is aFriday, August 13 post byMy Own Advisoron the fear of Fridays the 13th –a fear he says is called friggatriskaidekaphobia (I did not knowthat, or, indeed, that it even had a name). The post also reports there isa study that found investors are more likely to encounter losses on Friday the 13th.
Invest it Wiselyobserves the Akismet spam filter seems to have gone haywire — and offers a few solutions.
Canadian Couch Potatocompiles an interesting table comparing returns between the S&P 500 and 3 versions of the TD U.S. Index Fund (e-Series).
Canadian Dreamreviews Executricks, an amusing book by Stanley Bing on retiring while still working.
Todays Economy Bloginterviews Professor James Darroch of the Schulich School of Business at York University on whats next for Europe.
Divestordissects with his usual luminosity the reasons for paring back a position in his income portfolio.
Michael Jameshighlightssome things you probably didnt know about the Rule of 72.
Canadian Personal Financeupdates his journey to establish an RDSP.
Canadian Capitalisthas good reasons to avoid commodity ETFs
Preetpoints out that there is more to Fundamental indexes than value tilt.
Money Smarts bloghas a post on now being a good time for leveraged investing.
Wealth Stewardably discusses the impact of fees on bonds and bond funds.
Thicken My Walletsurveys the Ontario Governments changes to auto insurance, which give consumers a choice: i) lower fees for lower coverage or ii) higher fees for the same coveragepreviously provided.
Canadian Financial DIYprefers expansion of the Canada Pension Plan to registered savings plans when it comes to reform of the pension system.
Riscario Bloggerhas a nifty post on how Maker Faire celebrates the DIY spirit.
Andrew Hallam, a Canadian citizen teaching English at a high school in Singapore, is starting a 3-part series on how North Americans can enjoy a much higher living standard overseas.