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Weekend reading: The North, the NDP and Iggy

Once again, here are a few articles to read over the weekend:
Harper stresses social welfare, economy in northern spending
While many people think Stephen Harper’s interest in the north is purely military, he wants it known that he’s got the territories’ economic interests in mind too. To that end, the government announced a $36.5 million deal to help with skills training in the North.
Globe scribe Billy Curry writes:

To that end, he and the three territorial premiers announced a new $36.5-million labour agreement yesterday in Yellowknife. The deal will finance skills training for workers in the North, regardless of whether they qualify for employment insurance.

Mr. Harper said skills training will help in moving toward an environment in the North where aboriginals and northern residents are the first people hired when jobs become available.

Economic policy advice for the NDP
Stephen Gordon, a professor of economics at l’Universit Laval in Quebec City, runs the Worthwhile Canadian Initiative blog. It deals mostly with Canadian-related economic issues, but recently he wrote a four part series titled “economic policy advice for the NDP.”
He says if the NDP wants to win more seats they’ll have to deal with issues such as inequality, “defending big government,” and taxes. Here are links to each post:
Economic policy advice for the NDP, Part I: Inequality Economic policy advice for the NDP, Part II: Defending big government Economic policy advice for the NDP, Part III: The GST Economic policy advice for the NDP, Part IV: Corporate income taxes
The readable Ignatieff
It’s not economic or business related per say, but Maclean’s blogger Aaron Wherry compiled a list of Michael Ignatieff’s journal and newspaper articles. These pieces should keep you busy for the rest of the summer.