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Weekend reading: Obama, inflation and more

Some good reads for the weekend:
GLOBE Obama turns left:The U.S. President is putting the state in charge of the economy in the land of free enterprise. Are the ‘best and brightest’ up to the task?
FINANCIAL POST Flaherty follows Carney in warning on inflation:Talk of more stimuli for the Canadian economy is unwarranted, Finance Minister Jim Flaherty said Friday in a speech in London, in which he acknowledged inflation represents a “danger” on the horizon given the cash governments and central banks are pushing into the markets.
ANDREW STEELE Right for Ontario?:The front-runner for the Ontario PC Party announced his candidacy yesterday on the front lawn of Queen’s Park, flanked by half the provincial caucus. But while a sense of inevitability will likely be enough to get Tim Hudak the PC leadership, does he have the time to transition to a general election?
THE BIG MONEY The political risk of toxic assets:The political risk premium attached to U.S. investments is higher than at any time in recent memory. All corners of the market are depending on Washington to “get it right.” That a bad speech by Geithner could apparently destroy the Dow on Feb. 10 and a good policy release could boost it a month later demonstrates the strong impact politics is having on finance. No investment is immune from politics for the time being.