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Watch out for Fed hitting the brakes

I recently noted a warning to take all of the hype around positive U.S. housing numbers with a grain of salt. It was issued by Robert Brusca, an always entertaining independent Wall Street economist who isn’t easily swayed by numbers. I am now posting again because Brusca just sent me a report via an email that read: “The trends are beginning to look friendlier for a widening array of reports. Look at consumer spending, income, the savings rate, Core PCE and U of M expectations and sentiment. Oh yeah.”
According to Brusca, optimism is still optional, but with inflation (CPI and PCE core) returning to pre-Lehman trends, Fed policy could get “real different, real fast.” Simply put, if deflation stops looking like a threat, the Fed will start back-tracking, maybe even at WARP speed.
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