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VIDEO: Is the world better now than 25 years ago? Bill Gates certainly thinks so

Microsoft founder Bill Gates wants to make one thing clear: the world is a better place now than ever before. In a new video published Friday, Gates draws attention to a number of stats—for example, child deaths have fallen by half in the last 25 years—that speak to this narrative. The video is part of his annual letter on behalf of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, the largest private foundation in the world with an endowment of roughly US$40 billion. This year’s letter hones in on three popular myths: that poor countries are doomed to stay poor, that foreign aid is a waste, and that saving lives leads to overpopulation. His campaign even has a hashtag: #stopthemyth. In general, Gates is an optimist. He believes in a brighter tomorrow at a time when cynicism about the future and dystopian fiction are all the rage. Gates, however, packs the more empirical punch. Check out his latest video below:

Still not convinced things are getting better? Then here’s another video from a few years ago, presented by Swedish doctor and global thinker Hans Rosling, which uses wealth and lifespan stats to show the upward trajectory of humankind: