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Valentine's Day quiz

Its Valentines Day. Sure, you love each other. But how financially compatible are you? Here is a quiz to find out. If it makes you laugh, you got nothing to worry about. You are either on the same page or can live with the differences. If it doesnt make you laugh .
1. How does your partner feel about spending money?
(a) Moths fly out of their wallet or purse on the rare occasions they’re forced to open it. (b) They’ve already spent more than the GDP of a small nation.
2.They unexpectedly need extra cash for a big night out. What do they do?
(a) Cancels the whole thing because otherwise they’ll exceed their free ATM withdrawal limit. (b) Borrows your card and PIN, because their account is empty.
3. How many credit cards do they have? How they use them?
(a) One, behind glass, for emergency use only. (b) Not enough! There’s money due on all of them, and your partner uses each card in turn to pay the minimum due off the others.
4. Does your partner take risks with their money?
(a) They keep banknotes in the freezer, some gold bullion in the underwear drawer, and regard bank deposits as high-risk. (b) When you’re not together, they’re up most of the night trading oil futures on a margin loan.
5. How does your partner imagine their retirement years?
(a) Living like a student again, with cereal for breakfast, lunch and dinner. (b) Cruising the Coral Sea in a four storey yacht with staterooms, a lift and on-board casino.
Thanks to FIDO